• Michiana Christian Service Camp (map)
  • 7383 Steinbauer Rd
  • Niles, MI, 49120
  • United States

On April 10-11th, the GRC is sponsoring a 50-student 24-hour Speed Retreat for the Men’s Halls full of conversation, group initiatives, games and personal reflection, and practical skill building. 

A portion of the retreat will invite representatives from GNC, Fidelity and Men’s Wearhouse to show practical skills on how to Dress, Budget and Eat/Workout/ for Success as well as learn basic car maintenance skills. 

Additionally, this 5pm-5pm retreat is a time to be away from campus, and enjoy the company of other men across campus. With a campus and larger culture that puts a lot of pressure on our young men, we’re excited to have a space to step away from campus, enjoy each other’s company and discover what it really means to be a man at Notre Dame.

To secure your spot, please answer these few questions:http://goo.gl/forms/q1bEu6uoFz
and submit a $10 reservation to StudentShop: http://ntrda.me/1HML6kGor your Hall Representative

If you have any questions at any time please contact Emmanuel or Daniel Pedroza in Dillon Hall (dpedroza@nd.edu)

Thank you and we're looking forward to having you!