Promoting Real Authentic Manhood

Men's Talking Groups

7 men’s groups (and counting) have been formed to give residence hall men the opportunity to engage their brothers in deep and meaningful conversations about their lived experiences.  Described by many attendees as “[their] mini retreat”, Residents in Duncan, Siegfried, Keenan, Fisher, Dillon, Carroll, and Morrissey meet once a week to once a month to be present with their brothers.

A survey of the 380 participants during the ’12-’13 school year found that 99% learned more about themselves and their dorm mates, and 97% recommended a men’s group being started in the other men’s halls.

Topics Covered Include

A Manly Dinner • Change a Tire, Tie a Tie, and Ironing • Different relationships and their Connotation • Entrepreneurship • Ethics and Sports • Finals • Gender Relations and Notre Dame • Goal Setting • Grilling Seminar • Healthy Relationships • How to Avoid the Friendzone • How to be romantic? • How to Experiment with Life •  How to get Rich with $100 •  How to have great Conversations • How to Retire Early • Is Chivalry Dead? •  Learning to Cook • Learning to Ice Skate • Living with Defeat • Meditation • Men and Alcohol • Men and Body Image • Men and Family • Men and Fitness • Men and Friendship • Men and Happiness • Men and Marriage • Men and Media • Men and Music • Men and Notre Dame • Men and Nutrition • Men and Pornography • Men and Race • Men and Spirituality • Men and Sports • Men and Violence • Moral Dilemmas • Pursuit of Excellence • Same Love • Servant Leadership • Service and Government • The Passion of Men • The Politics of Men • Video Games • Vocation • What are you Thankful For? • What do you look for in a Significant Other? •What does it mean to be a Man? • Work-Life Balance

What people are saying about Men's Talking Groups

“This has been the highlight of my year.  An awesome addition to residence life.”
 “[It’s] a relaxing, bonding experience that fosters a sense of community with guys in your dorm where you only have to commit one hour of your week.  It can be thought of as a mini-retreat and is a great way to take a break from a busy week and just hang with the guys.”

For more information or to start a program in your dorm, contact the Gender Relations Center or 631-9340).

Large-Scale Men's Events and Initiatives

The second initiative is to take the conversation out of the halls and onto the rest of the campus, which has been and will be done through a variety of different ways:

ManTalk Live:

This new venture allows men to write (poetry, prose, short story) about their experiences or an experience in their masculinity that is then is read in a monologue by an actor.  The purpose of this event is to illuminate the vast experiences and realities of Notre Dame men.


National Speakers are brought in annually to address issues in men's development to address gender expectations and mind, body and spiritual health.

  • Fall 2014 - Carlos Andres Gomez - Def Jam Poet
  • Spring 2015 - Arthur Chu - Blogger and Jeopardy Champion
  • Fall 2016 - Tim Brown

Men's Retreat:

Men's retreats provide the Notre Dame men the opportunity to engage each other in an environment that allows for self and community reflection.