Men's Initiatives
Men’s groups have been formed to give undergraduate men in our residence halls the opportunity to engage their brothers in meaningful conversations about their lived experiences.

Described by attendees as their “mini retreat,” residents meet anywhere from once and week to once a month with trained group facilitators, usually a senior or graduate student hall staff member.

Some Topics Covered: Change a Tire, Tie a Tie, and Ironing • Entrepreneurship • Ethics and Sports • Finals • Gender Relations and Notre Dame • Goal Setting • Healthy Relationships • How to Avoid the Friendzone • How to Experiment with Life •  How to have Great Conversations • How to Retire Early • Is Chivalry Dead? •  Learning to Cook • Learning to Ice Skate • Living with Defeat • Meditation • Men and Alcohol • Men and Body Image • Men and Family • Men and Fitness • Men and Friendship • Men and Happiness • Men and Marriage • Men and Media • Men and Music • Men and Notre Dame • Men and Nutrition • Men and Pornography • Men and Race • Men and Spirituality • Men and Violence • Moral Dilemmas • Pursuit of Excellence • Same Love • Servant Leadership • Service and Government • Video Games • Vocation • What are you Thankful For? • What do you look for in a Significant Other? • What does it mean to be a Man? • Work-Life Balance

“This has been the highlight of my year. An awesome addition to residence life.”
“It’s a relaxing bonding experience that fosters a sense of community with guys in your dorm, where you only have to commit one hour of your week.”

For more information, or to start a group in your hall, contact John Johnstin, Assistant Director for Outreach, Student Leadership and Assessment, at

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