Relationships and Authenticity
Friends, classmates, roommates, dating, co-workers, siblings, parents: relationships are a central and ever-present part of our lives. While we are all aware that relationships are important, they can also be difficult to navigate sometimes.

At times we ask ourselves things like –

“Who am I?”

“Do I fit in?”

“Do I have a friend-group like everyone else?”

 “Why do I feel so distant from my family and hometown friends?”

 “Is everyone hooking up?”

“Why is dating so hard?”

Through events and programs pertaining to Relationships and Authenticity, we aim to explore the various relationships within our lives and promote ways to develop healthy and safe connections with others while being true to our authentic, holistic selves.

Past Programs

Shasta Nelson, author of "Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness"

We have an unacknowledged epidemic of loneliness. 75% of North Americans report dissatisfaction with their friendships; few of us even know the definition of friendship, how to measure it, how to create and develop it, and how to repair it. We may know more people than ever before, and we may be more connected now than ever before, but we are also lonelier.  Shasta will remove the stigma of loneliness, define it, and help her audience know what to do when they feel it. Shasta will discuss how to increase the depth in all our relationships and how to create more meaningful community in their lives.


Jason King, author of Faith with Benefits: The Hook-up Culture on Catholic Campuses

Dr. King studied the “hook-up culture on Catholic campuses and joins us to discuss his findings about the diverse and interesting ways identity impacts relationships, hooking up and the dating culture.

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