GRC Staff Availability

The GRC staff is available for in the office and for virtual meetings. If you need to contact a GRC staff member, please email as your first point of contact to set up time for either a phone, video conference call, or in-person meeting. For the most up to date information about the University’s response to COVID-19, visit

Interim Director– John Johnstin /
Program Coordinator – Deborah Bineza /
Program Coordinator – Kaitlyn Stankiewicz /

What is the GRC?

An office in the Division of Student Affairs, the Gender Relations Center (GRC) designs and implements programs about healthy relationships, gender, and sexuality consistent with the Catholic character of the University. The GRC seeks to create dialogue on campus by collaborating with student groups, other departments at Notre Dame, and cross-campus partners at Saint Mary’s College and Holy Cross College. It was the first office of its kind within collegiate student affairs nationwide.

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About our people

The GRC is staffed by student affairs professionals committed to educating minds and hearts by facilitating dialogue on relationships, sexuality, gender and intersectional identity, and encouraging students to ask three questions: who am I? Who am I with others? Who am I with God?

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Image of GRC staff; Sara Agostinelli; John Johnstin, Marci Ullery, Christine Gebhardt, Mia James


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