Violence Prevention
The Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) began as a grassroots movement, driven by students, to address violence in a constructive and more comprehensive way. It has become a means to bring the Notre Dame community together, united in providing support for survivors of violence and creating a culture where such violence is not permitted.

The Violence Prevention Initiative Aims to:

  1. Raise awareness about violence in the local community
  2. Increase understanding about global violence
  3. Promote the healing of survivors of violence
  4. Serve as a flagship for violence prevention programming on Catholic campuses

This is accomplished by:

Violence and Stalking Prevention Months
greeNDot Intervention Education and Training
Building Community the Notre Dame Way
Interpersonal Violence FIRE Starter Peer Education Group
Support and Resources
blue brochure stating How to Help A Friend, Relationship and Sexual Violence Resources
How to Help a Friend


Brochure cover reading How To Help a Student
How to Help a Student

Featured resources